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Elevate / Raise or lift [Someone or something] to a higher position.

Compelling, responsible Journalism uplifts people

Fair. Frank. Impactful.

Zulani Limited is a group of people who share a passion for well-told stories.

We work with local and international media outlets to shine a spotlight on underreported stories and marginalised communities. We partner with communities and development organisations to put storytelling at the heart of development programmes and knowledge sharing.

With a collective 40-year experience in development journalism across Africa, we have come to understand the extraordinary power of stories to forge meaningful connections and bring about change. And so, we bring our in-the-trenches understanding of story craft to assist you in transforming your solutions, causes, and knowledge into a people-moving narrative.

What We Do

We are Africa’s story workshop, enabling people, organizations and brands to find their authentic voice, develop presence and communicate with impact.

We produce high-quality, original multimedia stories from all over Africa

We storify development programmes, data and causes to create meaning and influence

We create and deepen narratives for behaviour change

Our story lab creates seasoned storytellers through tailored training

We support brands to create lasting, authentic connections with their customers

We work with Changemakers

The Future is Africa

Africa, the world’s youngest continent, has the potential to shape geopolitics and global economics now and in the coming decades. The continent is taking her rightful place in global development; crafting a new narrative of infinite possibility, innovation and an unbeatable spirit.

We have the right tools, skill and grassroot-networks to aptly frame and amplify the African story for the world. We are here with the doers, blending our story-artistry to their work and vision, to inspire generations.

Latest Stories


To facilitate genuine connections for people, brands and organizations, thereby paving the way for tangible and meaningful positive outcomes.

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